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About our International Education

Our International Education program was formed in 2010 to meet the growing needs of foreign high school students age 15-18 desiring to attend private high schools in the United States. We began our program serving mainland China with offices in Shanghai and Beijing.

Our goal is to match students and institutions and host families with similar interests and specialties to give our clients the best possible educational
and cultural experience during their stay in the United States.

Host a Student

Hosting a foreign student is a wonderful experience and will open your family to new world experiences without leaving your home. Your hosting journey begins when your are given the applications and written profiles from several students wanting to study in your city. You choose the student that you think best fits your interests and lifestyle.

Our students range in age from 15-18 years old and are some of the top performing students in their class in their home country. All students are able to read and speak English at a level proficient enough to attend the private high school in your city as evidenced by their SLEP, ESL, or TOEFL scores, but you will experience the amazing speed with which they improve their vocabulary as they live and learn with you in an immersed English environment at home and school.

You are responsible for providing them with guidance, emotional support, a quiet place to study, and a loving and safe environment. This includes room (may be shared with same gender sibling) and board (all school lunches are paid by their parents), and ensuring they have a means to be transported to and from school each day. Students will have their own spending money to pay for clothes and entertainment while they stay with you.

The most important thing to remember is that we are always here to support you 24/7. We have regional field officers monitoring each student’s achievements and addressing any concerns, providing regular reports to you and their parents. They are your main contact and stay in frequent contact with you. Also, our main offices are in the Southeast U.S. and our partner schools are all located in the Southeast as well. 

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