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Consulting services for your business

Susan Lee and Associates LLC., offers expertise in global sourcing for organizations that seek the high quality low cost of Asian semi-finished and finished building supply industry goods. 

We pride ourselves in our decades of combined experience to manage the total “global sourcing to fulfillment” process by offering comprehensive value-added service and tailored customer specific solutions , enabling a seamless experience for our Client’s business leadership. Engagements include some or all of the following:           


  • Specification development
  • Vendor identification & qualification
  • Order negotiation
  • Production interfacing
  • Transit facilitation
  • Onsite installation 

At the moment, the world market shows a slow and difficult growth pattern.  Asian manufacturers are very aggressive and eager to enter new markets.  Many USA companies see this scenario as an opportunity to restructure themselves in order to reduce costs and enter into the global sourcing arena.  A winning company is flexible and lean, ready to adjust every time the market requires it.  Sourcing within China is the best way to leverage costs and gain opportunities for business growth. 

We know that the import business is forever changing and highly competitive, thus, we work continuously to find our Clients the best product and lowest service costs available. You can rest assured that we are a trustworthy and cost efficient partner.

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